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Crossy Road is probably one of the most popular mobile games ever made. Based on the classic concept of ‘Chicken crossing the road’ , this fun extravaganza was developed by Hipster whale , an Indie company and first released in November 14. Well adapted to both the Android as well as iOS environment, this mobile game basically wants the player to cross as many roads, train tracks, rivers and grass patches as possible without getting run over or killed. With several characters that can be unlocked to boost your road crossing abilities, apple users get to unlock as many as 104 characters, major chunk of this namely 89 can be obtained by overcoming the prize mechanism while the rest are named as ‘Secret characters’ who need more elaborate techniques for access. The game offers a unique ‘Android robot’ for android OS users and offers 95 unlockable characters.

Like any challenge, this road crossing adventure is loaded with obstacles which mean instant loss of life and chance, so one must employ all their skills and adeptness to master this game. Luck also plays a major factor in ensuring survival. But if you are a die-hard fan of this universally prevalent game, then smart crossy road cheats are here to give you an advantage like never before. These up-to-date tools keep track of all updates and secret characters that are introduced and provide an easy and undetected way to unlock them all for your benefit. These hidden hoppers like the Phone box or Chinese gods, Lochness monsters, Whale, crab and similar characters can make overcoming the obstacles super easy and at no extra cost too.

So indulge in your favorite game. Choose your mascot from options like koala bear, bunny or chicken, use your secret crossy road hack to emerge as the road crossing winner.


Smash and Build

Mario and Luigi are one of the oldest friends in the gaming world and collecting coins and finding the princess is their lifetime mission. While there are still people going crazy over this game, people tend to search for something new from time to time and this is what the developer of Minecraft did during the time it was introduced to the market. Minecraft became so popular to most people not only because of its simple gameplay, which is smashing cubes and building them again, but because it offers different game modes that could be enjoyed by different types of players.

Creative minds can build anything they wish to as long as they are in the creative mode. Minecraft for free also has the survival mode to make it more exciting and a bit dangerous for game players. There would also be different health meters to be taken care of in order to survive while playing the game. The adventure mode on the other hand became more interesting since there is what they call the Endermen which you have to defeat to be successful.

There are also a lot of help that you can get online from other users if you have troubles playing the game or need some tips. Online forums are also available for active users who can help you big time especially now that Minecraft has been made available to different gaming console like PC, Xbox and Playstation. Mobile users can also download the game on their handheld devices whether it’s an iOS version or Android.
What a simple game it actually is became addicting to a lot of people because it doesn’t limit you to anything at all, what’s more is that they keep on thinking about other ways on how to make it more interesting by adding different game modes.


Get Hack Codes For Criminal Case Now

If you are one among those who is looking for a hack code for the game of Criminal Case, here is the right place to get one. With number of new levels involving in the game and the clues for finding the murder is getting tougher at every step, the hack codes have come to the rescue for players who have been facing trouble in solving the mystery. As one of the most played and sought after detective games, Criminal Case has a huge fan following and the hack codes are a great welcome among the people. You get hack codes for any level of this game, which means that playing the game is never going to be hard and for sure you will only win in every step. But make sure that you also use your intuitive power to find the clues hidden in the scenes.

This game is completely based on the murder and finding the clues that the murderer has left with which the culprit is found. The points that you earn from the game is calculated based on the energy level and coins that you earn throughout the game. Finding the hidden clues in shortest time is another major booster for your win. When you get a Criminal Case hack you will quickly find the hidden clues thus saving on more energy and coins. These hack codes will reveal the clues to you and just clicking on them will boost your points in the game taking you to next levels. The hack codes must be reliable and eligible for the current level that you play. Don’t apply a wrong cheat code because it might terminate your play from the entire game and you might never be able to play the level anymore.


Two Ways to Get Minecraft Free

minecraft wolf

There are certain times where we just want to play games because it’s new or maybe because it’s fantastic in terms of overall game play. But there are also some instances where you might experience frustrations because there are no available CDs for the game. While others just don’t have the money to buy it, you can always go for other alternatives in acquiring it. Minecraft is one example of a game that is free, but it also needs some form of “cheat” in order to get unlimited resources. You need to purchase some in-game features in order to get premium features.


There is a Minecraft free version available on the internet in the form of a torrent file. This type of file transfers a game to your computer just by downloading it. But the good part about this type of file is that you can download it for free and it is uninterruptible. This will let you choose the source and version that you might want to download, install, and play for your computer and even acquire some form of cheat codes to help you out in the game. These torrent files were made and uploaded by the developers of the free version so that you will have more reasons to experience fun while making buildings, fighting other players, and collecting more resources for your home and for your own health and hunger.

In order for you to feel safe about the download link of the torrent file, make sure that you log in to a trusted source of torrents and check out the comments if they find the file as fake or infected so that you can find the right one again. Torrents are worth the download, but safety for your computer is much more important.


Below is a quick video on how to play Minecraft online through your browser. You will need to have the most recent version of Java and add some exceptions to the Java Control Panel. Other than that, it’s quite simple.

Thoughts on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

After I wrapped up my campaign of Warhammer fantasy roleplay 2nd edition (unfortunately, before its intended expected end), here are a few thoughts on how I liked my experience.

Careers: I can’t say that I am for or against the career system but I think that in the context of warhammer, it gives some spice to the character generation but nothing more. I noticed though that my players really liked that. They were able to plan what they intended to do and that gave them a lot of power over what was going to happen in their future and also enabled them to make career choices that supported the campaign. Example, one of my players played a dwarf rune bearer which turned out to eventually become a sergeant. The sergeant part occurred right when we were in a situation where he could effectively lead men and that was so much the better. I believe that if I had continued that campaign a bit more, some of the players would have moved on to more politically inclined careers and move in the high spheres of Altdorf.

I initially let the player make their own choices over what career they would start with. I am not someone who plays more than once in a single game setting and it was important to me to let them make the choice of what they would play in order to enjoy the most out of their experience in the Empire.

This is what the players played:

Tomb robber -> Apprentice wizard -> Journey man wizard
Apprentice wizard -> Journey man wizard -> Magister vigilante
Rune bearer -> Shield breaker -> Veteran -> Seargent
Elven envoy -> Hunter -> Targeteer -> Champion

Basic rules: The rules are nice enough to provide necessary resolution without being too much in the way of fun. They covered all the necessary ruling to deal with all my players attempted to do in the course of this campaign.

Combat: Here I have a bit of a beef with armors and armor piercing weapons. The combat rules are correct, even nice, but lets say that escalation of armoring goes too quickly. Lets take the above mentioned Dwarf. I think I remember him having a toughness of 6 (he had a magical ring giving him 1T) and he was moving along in a full plated armor. furthermore he was boasting a shield and had pretty good dodge and parry ratings. This little plated bucket of rage was a hell of a tank (to use MMO branding). He certainly could take care of a lot on his own. So, my problem was basically with piercing weapons like arrows, quarrels and pole arm pikes. Armor piercing weapons should possibly have more of an impact than only reducing armor by 1. Its not much though so, otherwise, combat rules provide for enough tactical options and not too much.

Magic: The magic system has a bit of a nice touch to it. By splitting magic by different winds and not letting a PC take more than a single wind was a nice opportunity for players to make a difficult choices. In the end, I even had one of my players wanting to learn a new wind and I told him that he would have to leave his character as an NPC as it might take him the rest of his life to be able to wrap is mind around the possibility to use a new wind. Not to mention the always possible danger of being discovered by a Witch Hunter in the process. So we had discussions about the possible usage of Dark magic! That would have been interesting as I really liked the chaos effects of Tzeentch’s curse.

Setting: This setting is incredible. It is rich and has lots of very nice support books that come in to complement the whole setting. The only missing part would be a book dedicated to Elves and Ulthuan, dwarves and the Karaks, Tilea and Estalia, the asian countries and the ones that are ruled by the dark elves and their nations. I would even have bough a book detailing the aztek like lizard mens.

Minecraft and its Future

minecraft zombie

It’s really amazing how the name Minecraft would become so popular in the market right now and there are a lot of people who are really fond of playing it. Surely, the developers of the game could not even imagine that this could occur, but the players didn’t come prepared when Microsoft announced that they have purchased the whole company from the developers of Minecraft. Yes, to put it simply, the official and authorized owner of the copyrights that this game has is already in the hands of Microsoft. Although Mojang started their Realms service in hopes of swaying players away from user created Minecraft servers, it did not see as much success as they thought it would. Many players searching for a good Minecraft servers list could easily find one online. Selling the company to Microsoft was a smart move indeed, because Minecraft probably already passed its sweet spot.

Most likely, you are now having second thoughts on this and would like to know the possible changes that you can expect from Minecraft anytime soon. But, before that, make sure to understand and know more about the different reasons on why Microsoft purchased Minecraft.

Why Microsoft Bought Minecraft

There could be a number of reasons why the company had purchased the game and those are the following below:

  • Minecraft is totally everywhere. Well, this is being played by almost all people and buying it could totally help them in having super high revenues in the market even though they paid for about $2.5 billion for the game itself. Microsoft saw the future of Minecraft, which is one of the reasons for the purchase of the game copyright.
  • Microsoft needs younger players. They need to market to the younger audience who might be more interested in playing the game and making use of their different electronic devices such as the Xbox, PC and their Windows phone.
  • Minecraft fans are getting closer to the fan base of Apple. Yes, the passion they are having with the game is totally that great and it is starting to get closer in beating up the loyalists of the Apple products in the market.
  • LEGO and Minecraft build up in the market right now could be enough to earn the price that Microsoft spent in purchasing the game.

What’s Expected

Now that the owner of the game is Microsoft, there could be different things that you can expect from the game sooner as there is a hundred percent chance that it would be marketed even more. Some of those are the following below:

  • It is already obvious that the game would become totally available to windows phone user anytime soon as that could be the only place where you can’t find Minecraft right now. So, if you have been waiting for that, this could be the chance that you would surely want to experience.
  • You can expect that there could be more features to be added on the game which could allow you to have better experience when having it in different Microsoft consoles that you are using.
  • If you are using Microsoft system for your computers then you can expect that there should be no more bugs and problems for you to worry about as most probably the developers from the company would make it possible for all their users to play the game to the fullest.

What is the Basic Plot of StarCraft?

Remember the good ol' days of StarCraft? I'm sure you do, but you probably won't remember the plot. I actually had to go read it again, but let me save you the trouble. StarCraft game is broken down into three episodes. They tell a story that shifts between interplay of the Terrans, Zerg and Protoss species. Depending on which side you are playing – knowing the plot for each of the episodes will help you to determine your goal and strategy. Here is an overview of the general plot of the three episodes.

First Campaign

The first episode has enough twists and turns to keep you tied in knots. When you first come into the briefing room you are teamed up with leader Jim Raynor. You leave to go on a mission to Mars Sara, which is a colony that the Terrans have recently over run. While you are (hopefully) successful in clearing out the Terrans and remaining Zergs, the outcome is all roses. Raynor is put in prison for destruction of property. No one seems to care that it was that destruction of property that made him successful on his mission. All is not as it seems. You are left to join forces with Arcturus Mengsk who it is revealed by the campaign’s end had no interest in protecting the confederation but was actually seeking to reorganize the Terrans and has himself proclaimed their emperor.

Second Campaign

The Second Campaign reveals that Mengsk betrayal of his second in command, Sarah Kerrigan, wasn’t nearly as complete as he hoped. She wasn’t killed by the Zerg, but in their endless quest for genetic perfection they kept her alive and tried to absorb her genes into their own. They aren’t successful and she escapes, more powerful than ever before. She can’t come directly after Mengsk as the Protoss commander Tassadar has to be dealt with first. In the course of putting him own, all are unable to prevent the Zerg from planting a hive base on the home world of Protoss.

Final Episode

While Protoss labels Tassadar a traitor for daring to use the Dark Templar in the previous campaign, few are aware of why he chooses to do it. He discovered that the Zerg Overmind inhabitants cannot be killed by any means but the powers of the Dark Templar. He escapes and in the ensuing madness, steals a ship and aims it at the Overmind embedded in his home world, crashing and destroying the Overmind, proving he was perhaps the greatest hero of all.

If you notice, nothing really ends. There are a lot of loose ends and plot holes left in this extension of the StarCraft saga. This is ostensibly to leave room open for another installment. Most notably is the return of Raynor. He started the other StarCrafts and it seems to be the in joke that he is the opening leader for all the new extensions. Mengsk is still out there and Sarah Kerrigan now has to deal with possessing more power than just about anyone else in the Universe – which makes her a target for all three species. While the Overmind is destroyed, it is hardly the only one – and knows the Dark Templar has been activated. Who knows what will come next?


Trapshooting is a sport of shooting at disks made out of clay and called "clay pigeons." Shotguns are used. Originally, trapshooters shot at live pigeons. The pigeons were put into boxes called traps. When a string was pulled, the top of the box came off and the sides fell away and the pigeon would fly into the air. The trapshooter would try to hit it in the air.

About a hundred years ago, the clay disks began to be used. They are shot into the air by a spring in a device somewhat like a catapult. This device is also called a trap, because it replaced the actual traps in which the live pigeons were kept. Usually one hundred disks are released, one after the other, and the object is to hit as many as possible. Experts usually score in the 90's, and perfect scores (100) are not unusual.
A popular form of trapshooting is called skeet shooting. Contests are held in which eat contestant must shoot from eight different "stations," each a different distance and direction from the trap.
There are large trapshooting and skeet-shooting contests each year, with dozens of contests for men, women, and juniors.

Nintendo Pushes Wii U Virtual Console

wii u virtual console castlevania

Many players are left mystified that of all the channels that Nintendo focused on developing the Wii U Virtual Console was chosen over what would have been choices with a broader appeal. Through the Wii U Virtual Console, you can convert older games for play on the system.

This is something that holds a definite appeal for an older gamer, but seemed like an odd choice when most gamers are of an age where they wouldn’t be interested in the original game versus the modern version. If you look more closely at the thinking behind the development of the console, the decision suddenly begins to make much more sense on the part of Nintendo.

The Difference Between Play

While many of the older games from the GameCube, Sega, PlayStation, NES and SNES will play similar to how they did on their original consoles, the converted games may not always plays as well as the advanced technology used to power the Wii U system can reveal errors that were hidden by lesser game consoles. The difference in the quality of the graphics will be most striking, but may actually increase their nostalgic appeal.

Will it Ever Appeal to Younger Players?

For many younger players the appeal of the SNES Mario Brothers games won’t last that long. There are some classic games that are regaining appeal in younger generations that don’t have an updated game body. This can help Nintendo to awaken their old game catalog, while also using older third party game trends to help identify gaming ideas for future development.

What is the Real Point?

What could very well have driven the idea to make sure that the console was one of the primary channels up and running first what that it would provide a draw in for demographic of player that had more investment capability. The appeal of the older games to older gamers is a definite catch card. Chances are, however, this was just the surface motivation.

Many industry insiders are guessing that part of the reason the first generation of the Virtual Console came out early in Wii U is to allow for its common use to help perfect the conversion codecs. Once developers can see the codecs in action, it will be easier to then begin to expand to add on for converting other third party games, as well as the games.

By making it able to convert first and second generation Wii U games, Nintendo can avoid having to store the originals and have time-out schedules where to continue playing you would have to pay to convert the first version and then host it via your account storage. This could prove to be a win-win situation for both Nintendo and the gamers. You get to keep the games you want while the developers get to keep using the main resources to roll out newer and better games.

Minecraft is Just One of Those Games

minecraft on xbox

If you are an avid video game player or recent Minecraft player searching for further stimulation into one of many far more common games of these days, this is an informative article for you. Minecraft can be a really basic game centered on an extremely straightforward purpose. As participants, your principal goal would be to pilot by means of an ever-shifting realm of cubes and secure blocks of an assortment of provisions. Based on what you have, you could perhaps use these products to the craftsmanship of building basic and complex infrastructure along with other stuff which will assist you to create a whole new world. There is a site that lets you play Minecraft free. It is really free and lets you play online on servers.

Minecraft is all about construction, which is the main premise of what you will be during the game. You'll find yourself in a randomly generated world that is made of lots of cubical blocks on a defined grid pattern, presenting quite a few distinct materials, like ice, stone, soil, water and forest. The avatar which you operate as has a pickaxe, which allows him to abolish these blocks, also as lay new ones. You won’t find limitations on where your avatar can access throughout the Minecraft world, but, blocks, objects and objects are exclusively permitted to become positioned at their relative spots on the game grid.

Being able to acquire your own constituent of land in your vast world is truly a generous offer for Minecraft players. Numerous gamers have been looking up to try and find their special bit of plot inside recent multiplayer games and have recently neglected to do so. Eventually, Minecraft allows us to do this which can be truly fantastic. I understand players can completely love the game when they embark on an adventure. That is the key as it can cause the gamer feel crucial, like they are making a real responsibility in how the universe develops.

Allowing men and women to socialize with families by way of Minecraft is a rightful benefit. Finding huge quantities of gamers online implies individuals will share their worlds and therefore cause replaying the game to be viable. Try to create your own personal collection of friends on the network. Getting pals to play online with you will enhance the amount of enjoyment you get from the game.
Alike other games, your avatar features a restricted amount of lives which you need to conserve and you must develop an effective shelter from that zombies will assuredly attack when dark falls (and you really should stay away from being one of them!). You will also do some mining, but you should be careful to not be trapped or eaten alive by the various monsters.

ArcheAge: The Next Great Thing, or a Blast from the Past?

archeage third closed beta

ArcheAge is rolling out its third closed beta tournament series, and more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon proclaiming its innovation in the world of on line gaming. On closer examination, ArcheAge may not be as innovative as it appears. It may more be a return to the classical foundations of RPG gaming that has gone missing over the past decades. That may not be the most innovative approach, but it certainly is most welcome.

Non-linear Stories and Civilizations

The use of non-linear progression in ArcheAge is nothing new. It has been present in many multi-player digital worlds since the Kingdom of Drakkar. While there are defined quests, you don’t need to follow them to explore the game. Unlike KoD, there isn’t a goal or purpose that allows you to complete levels. The mapping in ArcheAge is organic, not goal driven. This makes for a much more dynamic play system in which you don’t have to interrupt your plans to complete a goal that may make no sense for your society.

The lynchpin in the game play for Archeage is that you have to create and sustain a civilization, at least to the extent of a village, in order to provide your main character with resources. This is a departure from several other sandbox games with a focus on social and economic construction. It maintains an egocentric focus on a character (or characters) that works to give all of the movement and creation purpose and drive. This can serve to make it much more engaging to players.

How Much Does it Owe to Sandboxes of the Past?

While much is being made of the sandbox construction of the Archeage world, you can’t forget the predecessors in this style of game design. Everything from Civilization to the Sims to Second Life has used the same basic premise. Civilization probably has the closest design purpose to ArcheAge, but much has been heavily borrowed from the rest. The prime criticism of those games is they did not offer enough engagement of different levels so that players with a different gaming motivation could enjoy them. The good news is this may be what is driving the closed beta tournaments; they are testing and showcasing the variety of action that is available while still being within an undefined sandbox.

Despite the potential fact that this game is a revisit to games of decades ago, it does represent a return to what made role-playing games so popular. All of the current iterations of first person, multi-player shooting games aren’t really role playing games at all. While there have been many digital sand box worlds created, they have lacked an overall game design beyond self-indulgence. ArcheAge may be the game that brings together technology with quality RPG design to create a digital world that is exciting, and a long lasting play.

Rayman Legends Suits Wii U Perfectly

rayman legends wii u gameplay

Rayman Legends was released in 2013 for the Wii U platform and is proving to be a very popular multi-player game unit that can be played over the general network or on a restricted local network. The game allows for team exploration and building to enhance gameplay. It also makes full use of all the special functionality of the system from the advanced graphics to social network integration with Miiverse.

Being the Leader in Tablet Control

Rayman Legends is designed for play using the tablet controller unit of the new Wii U. One of the feature functions allows for the setting of one person as the Leader in the game for a team of up to 4 other players. This has been a feature that has been missing from group play and local network play on every game system. The functionality and architecture of its controllers, while criticized for having features without games to use them in, may now be coming into their own as the investment in advanced technology ahead of game ability is now being met with the most recent game releases!

Importing Characters

Both the Rayman Legend’s game and the Wii U controller now support NFC, which means that players can import characters from related game universes such as Assassin’s Creed. This is one of the most exciting developments in gaming in recent times as it promises to expand the capability of the gaming world by letting you bring in developed profiles without having to engage in hacking or purchasing to pump stats to the point you can participate fully. The cross integration ability is becoming a theme for most of the Wii U games; it is also a feature of Miiverse with its recent opening of the Camp Miiverse area.

Full Graphics and Screenshot Capability

What was promised in the first release of Rayman Origins as being advanced graphics and design is fully realized in the Rayman Legends release for the Wii U. It offers one of the first gaming consoles to use high definition graphics for all of its games. It suffered in its first year of release due to the lack of games that were built using the Hi-Def protocol and that were dedicated to the system. With the release of Rayman Legends, it is coming of age quickly.

Local Network Play

The advantage that it brought to the Ubisoft development team was the ability to offer more for the multi-player game options. You can play on an open network, but the tablet controller also allows you to set a local network that has a limit of a leader and 4 players for enhanced game play. This way you can play between devices as well as over the wider network too. Whether you are playing on a local network or network wide, both settings will allow you to use Miiverse with Rayman Legends and to post your results and profiles right into your Camp Miiverse account too.